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Organizational Needs

Below is a needs list of items that can be used at any time.  You may wish to coordinate a drive to collect some of these items.  If you or your group would like to do a work project, please contact the location nearest you.

Personal Care Needs
Toothpaste                                   Toothbrushes
Deodorant                                    Hair Brushes
Shampoo                                      Shaving cream
Hair spray/mousse                     Styling gel
Razors                                           Hairdryers/Curling iron/Flat Irons
Socks                                             Skin and hair products

Household Needs
Irons/Ironing boards                  Laundry baskets
Towels/bath cloths                      Dishcloths/towels
Mops/brooms                               Mop buckets
Bed pillows                                    Twin sheets sets
Twin blankets                               Waterproof mattress covers
Shower curtains/rings                Bath mats
Trash cans                                     Covered trash cans
Kitchen utensils                           Large crock pots
Electric can openers                    Flatware
Plastic glasses                              Toilet brushes
Alarm clocks                                Wall clocks

Household Supplies
Laundry detergent                      Dryer sheets
Sponges/Scouring pads             Dishwasher Detergent
Cleaner (Comet, 409, etc)         Light bulbs
Toilet paper                                  Trash/garbage bags
Paper Towels                               Ziplock bags

School Needs 
Poster board                            3 ring binders
Scotch tape                              Magic markers
Construction Paper                Scissors
Calculators                              Folders w/pockets and brads

Larger Items
Microwaves                             Washing machines
Clothes dryers                         Vacuum cleaners
DVD Players                            TV's
Sofas                                         Chairs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Twin mattress/box springs (new)



























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